The Kosmos Village

Location, location, location.

The first homes were built in the 1920s shortly after the Dam was constructed. It is thought that the name derives from the Kosmos which grows wild in great drifts in many parts of the Highveld, and in particular on the roads from the nearby major cities. More homes followed over the years, and the style moved steadily up market.
In more recent years a restaurant immediately outside the original township, Stywe Lyne, was a favourite destination for motorbike enthusiasts to gather on Sundays, and show off their bikes.
This too has given way to the pressures of upmarket residential development
The village has only one access road, and perhaps as a result has developed a strong sense of community.
The residents subscribe to a security service which maintains the access gate to 'Kosmos Village', on the higher slopes of the village there is a handsome Community Centre and Library. Next to it is a Garden Chapel, where non-denominational religious services are conducted regularly by the residents. On the waterfront near the entrance the residents have developed the Kosmos Marina Club. There are Post Boxes, and no shops or other commercial enterprises. Recently a number of Bed and Breakfast establishments have started up.
Outside Kosmos Village, on the short road leading to the village, several resort and residential estates have been developed. One of these has a nine-hole golf course, which skirts the waters of the dam in a challenging manner.
Amongst these estates lies Orange Farm, an 'informal settlement.
The relocation plan is underway which will see this person relocated to an area that have water and sanitation to after an agreement successfully concluded between the Madibeng Municipality and Kosmos Ratepayers and resident association (KRRA).
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